Crime Scene Investigator Salary

Its hard not to turn on the television these days and not find a show about crime scene investigation on 24 hours a day. Popular TV shows like NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, the list seems nearly infinate.

There are many different types of crime scene investigation jobs that are out there. There are crime scene technicians, crime scene investigators, medico-legal death investigators, Forensic Photographers, Latent Print Technician. In case you are unsure about what particular discipline or crime scene job that you might be interested in, lets take a look at what each of these positions really do.

Crime Scene Investigator - The investigator is responsible for piecing together the crime scene evidence into a logical picture of what actually happened at the crime scene or even in the events leading up to the crime scene.

Crime Scene evidence technician - Responsible for processing and maintaining the chain of custody for evidence collection.

Forensic Photographer - These crime scene technicians photograph the crime scene to preserve photographic evidence in case it is needed later during the course of the investigation or possibly used in court to document an accurate depiction of what it looked like.

Latent Print Technician - These are the finger print pros. but their expertise is not limited to just fingerprints. they will also be responsible for collecting shoe prints, tire tracks prints, foot prints, hand prints, or any other type of latent print that may give investigators the information they need to accurately process the scene.

medico-legal death investigator - some times refered to as the coroner or medical examiner. This person is responsibile for determining the cause of death when a body is located.

For those who are interested in training for crime scene investigator, there are a number of tradtional college programs as well as a variety of online schools for learning how to become a crime scene investigator.

The salary range of a CSI jobs can vary widely from community to community as well as the experience of the actual crime scene investigator, but below is a potential range of salary expectations that one can expect:

  • Police Evidence Technician I/II: $34,598 -- $67,197
  • Crime Scene Technician Pay: $51,204 -- $63,444
  • Forensic Photographer Pay: $45,780 -- $53,290
  • Criminalist Pay: $65,645 -- $102,190
  • Latent Print Technician Pay: $51,250 -- $66,851
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